Sunday, 21 August 2016

Brownice italian Bistro @ East Coast – Vegan food anyone ?

If some of you are wondering, veganism is not just no-meat, but no milk, cheese, eggs and all other animal products. It seems unlikely for any bistro to be able to serve up sumptuous Italian food without using animal products altogether, but perhaps Brownice has proven us wrong? 

Brownice Italian Bistro boasts 2 outlets located at Katong and Sin Ming, advocating a vegan and healthy concept. While the Sin Ming outlet serves only waffles and ice cream, the Katong one serves up a complete menu ranging from lasagnes to pizzas. 

Their signature Truffle Fries is topped with home-made vegan cheese, and to be honest I couldn’t even taste the difference – it tasted equally good. 

We tried the passionfruit and strawberry milkshakes respectively and I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing and has the right texture – not too liquid or too gelat. We were told that the milkshakes are also home-made and use cane sugar and soymilk in replacement of diary, talk about guilt-free!

For desserts, we had matcha, strawberry and durian ice cream amongst other flavours topped with an assortment of nuts, dried fruits and chocolate chips. Honestly, it tastes as good as the real deal, if not even better! In fact, some of us preferred the vegan ice cream because of its smoother and creamier texture. 

Brownice's signature brownie won us over with serving that  was really warm and fudgy, eat already really heart warming.

Apparently Brownice makes its ice cream with brown rice milk, fruits and nuts AND does not use chemicals/stabilisers/sugars/dairy products in its home-made ice cream. We were also told that one scoop of goodness is only about 100 calories, which is approx. one third that of normal ice cream.

Overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. Amidst the plethora of choices that the Katong area offers, perhaps it is worthwhile for vegans and non-vegans alike to eat a healthy Italian meal once in a while. Not to mention that almost everything here is home-made, so the homely touch to their dishes is definitely worth additional brownie points! Albeit a bit pricey, the healthy and homely touch to this bistro makes it worthy of multiple visits. 
For me, I will definitely be back for a guilt-free ice cream fix!

Brownice Italian Bistro
53 East Coast Rd
Singapore, 428771
nearby mrt: Dakota

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fort by Maison Ikkoku @ Fort Canning - Omakase & bespoke cocktails you don’t really want to miss

Who knew that Fort Canning Hill is hiding one of the best restaurant bar in town?

While bespoke cocktail bars are all the rage today, Fort by Maison Ikkoku is definitely THE bar one you should check out. 

Owned by Ethan Leslie Leong – the creator of Asia’s most expensive cocktail, it would be a surprise to find out that the bespoke cocktails here are actually really affordable (starting $18++) considering the quality you get. You can also throw out whatever notions you have of a cocktail menu because the mixologists here will formulate something from the drink profile you provide!

With a view of the city skyline in the background, this haven is cosy and also much more intimate than the larger bars downtown. Because of its prime location, this place also screams privacy and tranquillity, for people who want to slow down their pace and enjoy the finer things in life. Guess what, there's a pokestop right here! and we got news that a pikachu was caught recently.

FORT by Maison Ikkoku also boasts a sexy interior. The fittings and decor create an industrial chic character which still remains contemporary and stylish. As we dined and drank in this sanctuary, we found the atmosphere elegant and inviting. The setting also encourages social behaviour yet at the same time respects its clients’ intimacy.

Of course, we cannot forget their 12-course omasake. At only $68++ per person, it has definitely proven its worth and value. Patrons will have the opportunity to enjoy a multi-sensory dining experience of the mixologist in action.

The Seaweed salad with Yuzu wasabi soy dressing is a colourful feast for both the eyes and senses. We were told to test the dressing before drenching the entire salad in the sauce, and no regrets we ended up pouring the entire thing over. It was definitely an exciting appetiser for our palates.

A bespoke blue cheese concoction. Who knew blue cheese could be so flawlessly infused into a drink?

We also had the Smoked Goose Conchiglie with Parmigiano-Reggiano & truffle oil. For the truffle obsessed, there is a saying that “truffle in the right amounts in the right dish is a taste to remember all your life.” And this, is one of them.

The next thing up was the The Salmon Aburi Don w/ Ikura.  Served as our 11th course but we still wiped out the whole bowl. Those jewel-like, glistening orange balls of ikura, coupled with fresh salmon? Amazing.

Admire this gastronomical object of desire, the Signature Fort Roll - Spicy Maguro Maki with fresh Onion Sprouts. Definitely the one course NOT to be missed, the Signature Fort Roll is specially crafted and lined with Chef Ethan Leslie Leong’s secret recipe chilli sauce. The taste and presentation will excite all your senses at once!

To end of the night, would you care for an antibiotic to cure all your ills? 

This is the drink that will probably cure all your troubles for the night! Whisky-based 'Antibiotic' is infused with ginger and Jack Daniel's wood chips, and has proven itself worthy because it was the sexiest AND our favourite concoction for the night. 

Lastly, we don't forget about the simplest of dishes but the most difficult to create and delicious one -  Onsen egg with garlic oil & seaweed (click to see the video). 

here's the other items on the omakase that we had: 

Tuna carpaccio

Pan seared scallops
FORT homemade Lamb slider 

We can safely say that once the 12 courses are over, paired with a couple drinks, you'd be leaving the Fort with a happy belly.

overallreview: shauneeie4hands. Fort by Maison Ikkoku definitely holds the FORT on the hill, its ambiance and setting won us over. Its exclusive location made us feel like we went for an adventure hunt in the hidden backyard of central Singapore and finally finding the treasure at the top of the hill. The reward is definitely sweet, no less!

The 12-course omakase set ($68++) is Fort’s best kept secret, and is definitely a great idea for a date night or simply a night with friends. For a thorough Fort experience, one can also choose the cocktail pairing to complement your every course. We would definitely return for the bespoke cocktails, which are served by the very skilled bartenders who display such passion in their craft. Enjoy your feast and ready your eyes for a magic show at Fort. 

Lastly, drink at your own risk, they say. Indeed, the concoctions are so good you might not stop at just one. 

Keen to make a reservation ? Call 6336 0507, email or go into Fort's FB page

Fort by Maison Ikkoku
5 Cox Terrace,
Singapore 179620
nearby MRT: dhoby ghaut

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Friday, 12 August 2016

5 things to look out for at the Epicurean Market 2016 @ MBS

Marina Bay Sands’ Epicurean Market is back again! The great thing about it, is that you get to eat from the best European restaurants without burning a hole in your wallet!  

 Taking place from 13-14 August 2016, the Epicurean Market consist of booths that offer a range of exquisite bites-- from the Lobster Roll and other Asian American dishes at Adrift by David Myers to sippin’ a glass of lemon bourbon bulleit at The World Class Bar.  You can expect an endless range of food to indulge it! Here are 5 things to look out for at this year’s Epicurean Market
1. Adrift by David Myers

Enjoy dishes prepared using fresh California produce, with Asian inspiration. A must try would be their Lobster Roll($12)! 

A perfectly toasted bun generously filled with fresh juicy lobster coated with wasabi mayo. The wasabi mayo encompasses the salty juices of the lobster really well and the crispy bun adds a crunch to the entire experience. This is easily our favourite dish of the day!

2. Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay
Unfortunately Gordon Ramsay won't be there, but his chefs are equally good! We tried the most raved about Fish and Chips($14) as well as the Pork Slider Burger($12)! The fish batter was really tasty and crispy, though the meaty part of the fish was a little thin. No doubt their thick cut American fries were good!

I personally prefered the Pork Slider Burger over the Fish and Chips. Though they used pork belly, there were very minimal fatty parts. As your teeth sinks through the soft fluffy burger bun, you will be greeted with a crispy thin skin and juicy, tender meat. Yum!

3. YardBird Southern Table & Bar
The classic down-home cuisine of this James Beard Foundation Award Semi-finalist for “Best New Restaurant South”. We tried the Lewellyn’s Fried Chicken, Watermelon and Waffles(&12)! Warm fluffy waffles served alongside savoury Fried Chicken is the best idea ever! After that sinful combination, “healthify” your meal with a few cubes of  juicy watermelons! Keep your eyes peeled as they will be opening in Singapore next year!

4. Farmer’s Market
We love fresh food and that’s why Farmer’s market is the best place for you to shop for groceries! You can get quality vegetables, juicy fruits  and fresh seafood!  As you shop, feel free to ask questions and sample the food! The staff there are extremely friendly!

5. The World Class Bar
Yep, you heard it right. They call themselves The World Class Bar, aiming to give their patrons a world class experience. The bartenders were extremely friendly and helpful. They showed us a list of recommended drinks and when none of it appeal to us, they suggested customised drinks. We tried the lemon bourbon bulleit ($15) which is slightly sweet. Their specially curated drinks includes Singleton Tropical Sour, Tanqua Ten & Tonic and Pimm’s Golden Cup

That's just a glimpse of what’s happening over at the Epicurean Market this weekend!  Besides feasting, there’ll be many activities to take part in — dance off your calories at the after-parties, sip on handcrafted cocktails and watch celebrity chef in action at the Masterclasses!
Get your tickets to Epicurean Market 2016 assp as the market closes this Sunday! Each ticket is a 3-day pass that costs $35, and include a pair of Schott Zwiesel champagne flutes worth $46, and entry to the After Parties on August 12 and 13, from 10pm – 2am. See you there! :) 

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Morganfield's - Home of the sticky bones is having an awesome deal. Free flow buffet ribs

Ever felt the cravings for the tender, fall off the bone, ribs? What if I told you that there was a way to get as much of the slow cooked deliciousness as you could eat? Where? Read about it below

The home of the sticky bones, of course! 

The Weekend Lunch Ribs Buffet ($40++) at Morganfield’s lets you order as much fall-off-the-bone pork ribs, sides, and soups as you’d like between the hours of 11am to 4pm. You get to choose from four flavours of meat - Hickory BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn, Garlic BBZ and Spicy Asian. Our favorite would be the original Hickory

There are almost ten types of sides to choose from. Our favorite would be the Corn Bread, but there are also staples like grilled corn, potato to coleslaw and french fries.

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. Where else can you get great tasting ribs and free flow of these meats for $40 per pax? That's right, here at Morganfield's. 

Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Tower 4, #01-645,
S 038983 (Next to Promenade MRT)
Tel: 6736 1136

The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, Unit #02-23,
S 138617 (Next to Buona Vista MRT)
Tel: 6694 3635

VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, Unit #01-51A,
S 098585 (Next to Sentosa Boardwalk Exit)
Tel: 6225 0501

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill @ One Fullerton - Sassy brunch overlooking the bay

The Pelican at Fullerton Road is a lovely restaurant serving east coast American seafood. Tucked right behind The Fullerton Hotel, the restaurant’s location lets diners to have a good view of the bay.

The Pelican has an indoor and outdoor seating area. The indoor décor accommodates a welcoming and casual dining experience. 

They serve a separate weekender brunch menu, full of palatable and filling delights. We tried The Pelican Platter ($138). The Platter serves 3 – 4 people. A selection of raw oyster & clams, steamed whole lobster, crab & prawns and mussels. The seafood was really fresh! Especially the oysters and extremely filling too. 

The Pelican’s Croque Creation ($24) comes with the USA kurobuta pork ham, fried egg and grilled cherry tomatoes accompanying brioche bread. The cherry tomatoes were fresh and juicy, certainly a memorable dish they’ve served. 

If you're looking for something light, the Old Fashioned Crab Cakes ($24) also exemplified The Pelican’s skill in handling seafood. You can taste the sweetness of the crab meat that came with a crunchy, savory exterior. Certainly something that left a deep impression on my tastebuds! 

You don't find a well baked pie as good as this in Singapore. The Snapper Pie ($40) came with a crumbly pastry that paired well with the thick cream sauce that was inside of it. A great dish to share between people who want a warm, mellow meal. Of course you do have to wait a bit for this dish as it bakes in the oven. 

For desserts, we tried the Berry & Crème French Toast ($14). The crème fraiche went very well with this treat as it soothes the sweetness from the berries compote. The brioche bread also did the trick as they came warm, which contrasted the coolness from the crème fraiche. 

Oh yes, let's not forget about the free flow Prosecco. Round off brunch on a high note by topping up an additional $35++.

Here's a sneak preview of what you'll be having on the table.

overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. All in all, the tastes served from this experience were good. The Pelican is an enjoyable place to go to if you want to enjoy brunch and seafood by the bay. 

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill
#01-01 One Fullerton,
1 Fullerton Road,
Singapore 049213
nearby mrt: raffles place

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