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Eat your way through Macao – 7 places to settle your Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Some say Hong Kong is a foodie’s paradise but Macao would fare just as well if you know where to look at. At just 30.4square kilometres Macao isn’t a very large destination but every city has its own mouth watering eats and here are some delightful treats that you might hear before or if you haven’t, probably just check out during your visit to Macao.

Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe

Located in Coloane, Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe is a quaint cafe of Lord Stow Bakery, the shop where it is widely believed that the famous Macao’s Portuguese Egg Tarts originates from. 

You can have breakfast here. Get a plate of Lord Stow’s signature egg tarts (because one is not enough) as well as other all day breakfast items like bagels, sandwich and craft burgers.

Lord Stow’s Garden Café
Address: G/F C Houston Court 21 Largo do Matadouro, Coloane Village, Macao
Tel: +853 2888 1851


Any 茶餐厅

If you ain’t having a feel for cafes, don’t fret! Just like its neighbour, wander through the old streets of Macao and you’ll find plenty of 茶餐厅. Being Singaporeans, we found one that was packed and found ourselves treated to an array of Pineapple buns, wanton noodles and milk tea.

Tai Lei Loi Kei

The one must try dishes when is Macao would definitely be Pork Chop buns. If you ask around, the one that locals recommend will be Tai Lei Loi Kei. Established in 1968, this almost 5 decades old 茶餐厅 has been serving up chewy and irresistible versions of pork chop buns to its diners.

We had the original, sandwich and bo luo version and my favourite has got to be the original. Sweet chewy bread with a big slice of pork chop, clamped in the middle.

Tai Lei Loi Kei

Address:  18, Largo Governador Tamagnnini Barbosa | Taipa Village, Macao, China

Imperial Court @ MGM Macao Hotel 

Feel like indulging and splurging on a Cantonese meal? Imperial Court in MGM Macao delights diners with a menu where old meets new. You get exquisite Cantonese dishes as well as dim sum to choose from. Imperial Court’s interiors are elegant with a great service crew. 

If you have the bucks, they have a private dining room for you to dine away from the crowd.

Imperial Court at MGM Macao
Address: MGM MACAU Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macao
Contact No.: (853) 8802 8888


The Lounge @ JW Marriott

Wandering through the streets of Macao must be tiring. One of the better places to chill and grab a cocktail or two would be The Lounge at JW Marriott.

 Although situated at the ground floor, The Lounge is right at the back of the lobby, behind this grand marble staircase which gives the Lounge a very private and cosy feel.

The Lounge @ JW Marriott
Contact No.: +853-8886 6888


Tealosphy Tea Bar (汴京茶寮)

So I was told that Tea Rooms are the trending sensation in Macao. The latest to Macao’s collection would be, Tealosphy located at Sam Long. 

Get acquainted to different types of tea – from hojicha, genmaicha to matcha tea. Even past dinner time, you see patrons walking in try savour the individually brewed teas.

Besides tea, Tealosphy also offers their home made matcha ice cream. Icy and thick, it may not be well liked by many but I thought it was one of the better matcha renditions I’ve had so far.

Tealosphy Tea Bar ( 汴京茶寮 )
Address: MacauRua da Barca65Edificio Son Kuan
Contact No.: +853 2855 7002



What better way to end your day at one of Macao’s premium roof top bar, SKY21. Known for its bar, lounge and deck, you can practically spend the entire evening here in SKY21.

Dine at SKY 21’s Restaurant which is recommended for its fusion Asian cuisine before proceeding a level up to chill in its Bar. 

If you’re something of a night fanatic, enjoy the view of southern Macao and the gushing breeze out on the deck. 

Address: Aia Tower, Av. Comercial de Macau, Macau
Contact No.: +853 2822 2122


So that's all folks! Hope you like my mini guide to places we visited in Macao. Do dm me on @shauneeie or email me at if you have any questions.

This post was written in collaboration with Macao Government Tourism Office and MGM Macao.


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Guide to Macao - 5 things to do other than being at the tables

Macao (we don’t call it Macau now) is a former Portuguese colony,west of Hong Kong, known for its nightlife, casinos and extravagant display of wealth. But do you know behind all the buzz and glamour lies a quaint city that has much more to offer.

     1. Coloane Island

Coloane lies north of Macao, a countryside with hilly forestation, overlooking China’s Zhuhai. Take a stroll along the beach lined banks which was once a small fishing village or can get the perfect OOTD shot at the pier.

You can find remainents of the past Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, old Portuguese inspired houses and generations old salted fish shops.

Coloane is connected with Taipa Island via Estrada do Istmo Bridge and can be reached by bus 21A from A-Ma Temple or Bus 25 from Portas do Cerco, and yes if you venture within, you might find the famous Lord Stow's Bakery around the corner.

 Lord Stow’s Garden Café
Address: G/F C Houston Court 21 Largo do Matadouro, Coloane Village, Macao
Tel: +853 2888 1851

  2.  Taipa Food Street

Akin to our Bugis Street in Singapore, Taipa Food Street is a must visit for all tourists. This is a good place to get your Macao inspired souvenirs and bring home traditional bakes like the renowned almond cookies from Kok Hei.

Feeling hungry? If you are the explorer, you might get your hands on the famous pork chop buns from Tai Lei Loi Kei (location on my next post).

  3. The House of Dancing Water Show 

Prolly the ONE thing I’d recommend you to do if you are short of time. Located in the City of Dreams, The House of Dancing Water is the world’s largest water based show incorporating a story with jaw dropping acts all in one – diving, martial arts, motorbike acrobatics and plenty more. 

Its storyline is Chinese inspired bringing audiences though emotions like Anger, Joy, Love Hare and Desire. 


The House of Dancing Water
Dancing Water Theater at City of Dreams,
Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macao
Tel: (853) 8868 6688

4.  Pier 16 Macao 3D World

I guess it is now a must for most cities to have its 3D Museum and Macao is no exception. Located at Sofitel at Ponte 16 Hotel, you get to explore through 7 themed 3D zone with over 100 photograph points.

Dance in pictures or Boomerang with Michael Jackson, rummage through the forests in Jurassic World 3D or fall in love all over again with your other half in the Touch of French 3D. 

Pier 16 Macao3DWorld
Ponte 16 Resort, Macao 2F & 3F
Tel: (853) 2895 1011

5. Sky Walk @ Macao Tower or try the Bungee with AJ Hackett

Imagine being perched up at 233 metres above the ground with just a rope holding you as you complete a walk round the top of Macao Tower.

This could probably be the most daring thing I’ve tried all my life. If you know me, I’m no daredevil and after the 40min long walk, I literally died inside. Besides taking a stroll around the top, you get to do daring stunts like leaning over the edge and running while swinging yourself in mid air 233 metres above the ground.

AJ Hackett Macao Tower
Address: Level T2 - Adventure Zone - Macau Tower Macau, SAR

So if you’re stopping over at Macao, visiting during the weekend or thinking of a trip nearby Singapore, Macao is just four hours away from Singapore with daily flights by Tigerair.  The vibrant city will charm you with its centuries old architecture, heart pacing activities and yummy food. 

This post was written in collaboration with Macao Government Tourism Office and MGM Macao.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Brownice italian Bistro @ East Coast – Vegan food anyone ?

If some of you are wondering, veganism is not just no-meat, but no milk, cheese, eggs and all other animal products. It seems unlikely for any bistro to be able to serve up sumptuous Italian food without using animal products altogether, but perhaps Brownice has proven us wrong? 

Brownice Italian Bistro boasts 2 outlets located at Katong and Sin Ming, advocating a vegan and healthy concept. While the Sin Ming outlet serves only waffles and ice cream, the Katong one serves up a complete menu ranging from lasagnes to pizzas. 

Their signature Truffle Fries is topped with home-made vegan cheese, and to be honest I couldn’t even taste the difference – it tasted equally good. 

We tried the passionfruit and strawberry milkshakes respectively and I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing and has the right texture – not too liquid or too gelat. We were told that the milkshakes are also home-made and use cane sugar and soymilk in replacement of diary, talk about guilt-free!

For desserts, we had matcha, strawberry and durian ice cream amongst other flavours topped with an assortment of nuts, dried fruits and chocolate chips. Honestly, it tastes as good as the real deal, if not even better! In fact, some of us preferred the vegan ice cream because of its smoother and creamier texture. 

Brownice's signature brownie won us over with serving that  was really warm and fudgy, eat already really heart warming.

Apparently Brownice makes its ice cream with brown rice milk, fruits and nuts AND does not use chemicals/stabilisers/sugars/dairy products in its home-made ice cream. We were also told that one scoop of goodness is only about 100 calories, which is approx. one third that of normal ice cream.

Overallreview: shauneeie3.5hands. Amidst the plethora of choices that the Katong area offers, perhaps it is worthwhile for vegans and non-vegans alike to eat a healthy Italian meal once in a while. Not to mention that almost everything here is home-made, so the homely touch to their dishes is definitely worth additional brownie points! Albeit a bit pricey, the healthy and homely touch to this bistro makes it worthy of multiple visits. 
For me, I will definitely be back for a guilt-free ice cream fix!

Brownice Italian Bistro
53 East Coast Rd
Singapore, 428771
nearby mrt: Dakota

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fort by Maison Ikkoku @ Fort Canning - Omakase & bespoke cocktails you don’t really want to miss

Who knew that Fort Canning Hill is hiding one of the best restaurant bar in town?

While bespoke cocktail bars are all the rage today, Fort by Maison Ikkoku is definitely THE bar one you should check out. 

Owned by Ethan Leslie Leong – the creator of Asia’s most expensive cocktail, it would be a surprise to find out that the bespoke cocktails here are actually really affordable (starting $18++) considering the quality you get. You can also throw out whatever notions you have of a cocktail menu because the mixologists here will formulate something from the drink profile you provide!

With a view of the city skyline in the background, this haven is cosy and also much more intimate than the larger bars downtown. Because of its prime location, this place also screams privacy and tranquillity, for people who want to slow down their pace and enjoy the finer things in life. Guess what, there's a pokestop right here! and we got news that a pikachu was caught recently.

FORT by Maison Ikkoku also boasts a sexy interior. The fittings and decor create an industrial chic character which still remains contemporary and stylish. As we dined and drank in this sanctuary, we found the atmosphere elegant and inviting. The setting also encourages social behaviour yet at the same time respects its clients’ intimacy.

Of course, we cannot forget their 12-course omasake. At only $68++ per person, it has definitely proven its worth and value. Patrons will have the opportunity to enjoy a multi-sensory dining experience of the mixologist in action.

The Seaweed salad with Yuzu wasabi soy dressing is a colourful feast for both the eyes and senses. We were told to test the dressing before drenching the entire salad in the sauce, and no regrets we ended up pouring the entire thing over. It was definitely an exciting appetiser for our palates.

A bespoke blue cheese concoction. Who knew blue cheese could be so flawlessly infused into a drink?

We also had the Smoked Goose Conchiglie with Parmigiano-Reggiano & truffle oil. For the truffle obsessed, there is a saying that “truffle in the right amounts in the right dish is a taste to remember all your life.” And this, is one of them.

The next thing up was the The Salmon Aburi Don w/ Ikura.  Served as our 11th course but we still wiped out the whole bowl. Those jewel-like, glistening orange balls of ikura, coupled with fresh salmon? Amazing.

Admire this gastronomical object of desire, the Signature Fort Roll - Spicy Maguro Maki with fresh Onion Sprouts. Definitely the one course NOT to be missed, the Signature Fort Roll is specially crafted and lined with Chef Ethan Leslie Leong’s secret recipe chilli sauce. The taste and presentation will excite all your senses at once!

To end of the night, would you care for an antibiotic to cure all your ills? 

This is the drink that will probably cure all your troubles for the night! Whisky-based 'Antibiotic' is infused with ginger and Jack Daniel's wood chips, and has proven itself worthy because it was the sexiest AND our favourite concoction for the night. 

Lastly, we don't forget about the simplest of dishes but the most difficult to create and delicious one -  Onsen egg with garlic oil & seaweed (click to see the video). 

here's the other items on the omakase that we had: 

Tuna carpaccio

Pan seared scallops
FORT homemade Lamb slider 

We can safely say that once the 12 courses are over, paired with a couple drinks, you'd be leaving the Fort with a happy belly.

overallreview: shauneeie4hands. Fort by Maison Ikkoku definitely holds the FORT on the hill, its ambiance and setting won us over. Its exclusive location made us feel like we went for an adventure hunt in the hidden backyard of central Singapore and finally finding the treasure at the top of the hill. The reward is definitely sweet, no less!

The 12-course omakase set ($68++) is Fort’s best kept secret, and is definitely a great idea for a date night or simply a night with friends. For a thorough Fort experience, one can also choose the cocktail pairing to complement your every course. We would definitely return for the bespoke cocktails, which are served by the very skilled bartenders who display such passion in their craft. Enjoy your feast and ready your eyes for a magic show at Fort. 

Lastly, drink at your own risk, they say. Indeed, the concoctions are so good you might not stop at just one. 

Keen to make a reservation ? Call 6336 0507, email or go into Fort's FB page

Fort by Maison Ikkoku
5 Cox Terrace,
Singapore 179620
nearby MRT: dhoby ghaut

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